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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 15:17

WM 271

Reliable information of wind movements is a critical requirement for air quality management. Polluting gases and particulates released from elevated industrial stacks disperse by a variety of mechanisms and by the time the pollutants reach ground level their concentration is reduced to a fraction of the emitted level. The extent of dispersion and the resultant ground level concentration (GLC) depends upon local meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric turbulence or stability and the mixing height. Reliable local wind data can also help to identify possible sources that could be adversely affecting air quality in an area.

Envirotech Wind Monitoring Systems have been used for past several years all over the country by consultants, industry and researchers to generate micro-meteorological data. Feedback from this large body of users has often led to system upgrades. The WM271 is our latest model Wind Monitor with important new features specifically incorporated for Indian field use

Special Features:

  • Remote Data Download via GSM Modems
  • Remote Data Viewing via Internet, Ethernet or Modems
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • New battery backed power-pack with optional Solar Panel charger enables operation in open fields
  • New Windows compatible software allows:
    • Export of data to Excel
    • Diurnal graphs
    • Color Windrose Diagrams
    • Graphs & Windroses can be saved as a picture for inclusion in reports & presentations
  • View instantaneous sensor values
  • Fully indigenous system designed for Indian field conditions.
  • Sensors supported:

    Wind Speed :  Envirotech WS-10 range 0 to 100 Km/hr.

    Wind Direction: Envirotech WD10 range 0 to 360 degrees with 1 degree resolution

    Temperature & RH: Envirotech WT10 range 0 to 50 C with resolution of 0.1 C and 0 to 100% RH with 1% resolution

    Solar Radiation: Li-Cor, USA Solar Radiation Sensor

    Barometric Pressure:  Met One, USA Barometric Pressure Sensor

    Rainfall: Envirotech RF10 range 0 to 50 mm/hr with 0.5 mm resolution

    The standard WM271 system is supplied with Sensors for Wind Speed, Direction, Temperature and Relative Humidity. Other sensors for Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation & Rainfall are optional and can be provided at extra cost
  • Memory Capacity: Forty five days storage of all parameters in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Real Time Sync: Built-in battery backed Real time clock ensures data is synchronized with real-time even after periods of prolonged power failure
  • Software: Windows XP compatible, Envirotech MetLog software is provided for data download to a PC and analysis. MetLog supports communication via PSTN, GSM modems and direct cable connection to RS232 / USB ports. Analysis tools include export to MS Excel, Graphs, Monthly Averages & Windrose Diagrams
  • Power requirement: WM 271 is powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack that can keep the system operating for about 15 hours. The standard system is supplied with a main powers based charger. An optional Solar Panel based charger can also be provided
  • Robust design: WM 271 is especially designed to be used on table tops or mounted on a pole for continuous stand-alone operation. Further, emphasis is given on the control of the instrument through a computer rather than direct interaction of an operator with the instrument
  • Warranty: One year
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