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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 09:52

Sampler VSS3


  • Specially to monitor Dioxins, Furan & provision for monitoring of Heavy Metals emissions
  • Collection based on wet chemical techniques
  • Measures total quantity / volume of the emissions
  • Heating Probe & box assembly with auto temp controller
  •  Rugged & convenient for sampling for long duration with oil free Vacuum Pump assembly
  •  Glass lining inside the nozzle, thimble holder & probe pipe
  • Tripod stand for better accessibility
  •  Probe set accommodated in a carrying case
  •  Convenient to use

List of Components VSS3: (1) :Instrument panel consisting of pyrometer, manometer rotameters, vacuum gauge, stop watch, dry gas meter & temperature controller. (2): Probe kit consisting of probe pipe, pitot tube, connecting hoses, tool kit, filter holder, nozzles, thermocouple, heating system, tripod etc. (3): Cold box assembly consisting of glass impingers, condenser glass coil, moisture bottle & water pump. (4): Vacuum pump assembly.

In addition Stainless Steel Probe, Hose Pipe, Thimble Holder, Set of 3 SS Nozzles, Set of 4 Glass Impingers (240ml.) for normal Stack Emission Monitoring also provided.


Size and Weight (approx) : Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Net) Kg
VSS3 Instrument Panel 400 250 400 10
VSS3 Cold Box 250 410 400 10
VSS3 Probe Box 1140 300 150 20
Vacuum Pump Assembly 340 200 280 13
Glass Assembly Box 1170 260 100 10


Warranty, all Envirotech products carry a one year warranty for trouble free operation against any manufacturing defect.

  • Stack Temperature Range: Ambient to 600 deg C read on a Digital Pyrometer.
  • Stack Velocity Range: 3 to 60 m/sec
  • Thermocouple: T/C sensor in SS 304 casing, length of insertion: 1 m with 2m long cable.
  • Manometer: Digital with 0-1060 mm of H2O range
  • Pitot Tube: Calibrated S-type fabricated -SS 304, 1m long
  • Particulate Sampling: 0 –30 lpm collection on thimble type filter up to 0.3 micron rating.
  • Gaseous Sampling: 0 – 3 lpm collection in a set of Borosilicate glass impingers.
  • Rotameter: Acrylic body with 2% FSD accuracy, 0 – 30 lpm for PM and 0-3 lpm for GAS.
  • Sampling Probe: 1m long SS tube with inside lining of Teflon & provision for controlled at 120 deg C heating.
  • Filter Holder: Glass filter holder with heating provision suitable to hold either cellulose filteration thimble (size 28mm lD X 100mm long) or glass fibre thimble (size 19mm lD X 90mm long).
  • Nozzles: A set of 5 glass nozzles.
  • Digital Clock: 0-60 minutes, 1 second readout with start and stop switches.
  • Temp. Controller: Digital type temperature controller.
  • Dry Gas Meter: Range 0 to 60 LPM connected to SPM line.
  • Sampling Train: 4 Nos. of 275 ml cap glass impinger, 1 No. condenser glass coil, 1 No. moisture bottle 750 ml & 1 No. cartridge tube accommodated in separate ice tray with instrument panel with a provision to cool down flue gas temperature.
  • Vacuum Pump: Monoblock Rotary Vane type, oil free, 0.5 HP single phase motor (230V) with more than 50 lpm free flow capacity.
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