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  • Cumbersome Manometer has been replaced with digital pressure cell
  • Designed to determine the velocity of gases also.
  • Measures total quantity/volume of the emissions very accurately.
  • Size and weight of panel has been reduced considerably.
  • Pitot and probe pipe is being provided with extendable arm of 1m each.
  • Calibrated Pitot, probe pipe, thimble holder, nozzles, tools etc, all accommodated in a carrying case.
  • Temperature and pressure at inlet of the rotameter, in order to normalize volume of the sampled gas.
  • Number of joints have been reduced & thus chances of leakages are minimized
  • Tripod stand for better accessibility.
  • Compact Hardware & Portable light weight rotatory vane type pump etc.
  • Standard accessories like rotameter, pressure & temperature, metering system & provision for simultaneous sampling.
  • Sampling train with improved glass joints & ice tray for better cooling.
  • Specially designed 2 thermocouples in the range 0-500C and 0-1000C
  • Leveling assembly ensures that the Rotameter is standing in right angle vertically.
  • Dry Gas Meter added in panel itself to measure total sample volume.
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor with Digital Display.
  • Special Push-Fit Joints to minimize the assembly time.
  • Easy Leak Check facility to ensure accurate monitoring.
  • Programmable timer for sampling vacuum pump
  • Provided with NABL Calibration Certificate



The most common and widely used method (world over) is extractive sample method or Grab sampling technique. Grab sampling technique is also often treated as the reference standard method. Grab Sampling technique is not restricted to a specific pollutant. The same system with different reagents may be used for a variety of pollutants and over different ranges of concentration. Stack Sampler VSS1PLS is one such Grab Sampler which can monitor Particulate Matter (PM) and any water-soluble gaseous pollutants l ike SO, NO., HF, Cl, , H, S, NH, etc., in industrial emissions from Stationary source I Chimney and Vent.

Utilizing the experience of last 30 years, CPCB in 2015 revised the specifications of the Stack Sampling System & Envirotech has produced a new model VSS1PLS with improved features strictly in compliance with latest CPCB guidelines so as to obtain reliable results. VSS1PLS overcomes all the drawbacks of previous models.
The operating principle is simple. The Particulate Matter is collected over a filtration thimble. It entraps
and absorbs various gaseous pollutants in suitable reagents, which are analyzed subsequently by simple Wet Chemistry methods to determine the concentration of specific pollutants.




  • Stack Temperature Range: Ambient to 600 deg C and 500-1000C read on separate Digital Pyrometers
  • Temperature Sensor: At Metering Point (0-50 o C)
  • Ambient Temperature: Ambient temp. Digital display
  • Stack Velocity Range: 0 to 60 m/sec
  • Thermocouples: Thermocouple sensor in SS 304 casing, length of insertion: 1 m with 2m long cable. Additional 1m thermocouple for High Temperature range
  • Manometer: Calibrated S-type pitot tube fabricatedfrom SS304, 1m length
  • Pitot Tube: 2 –60 lpm collection on thimble type filter up to 0.3 micron rating.
  • Particulate Sampling: 0.2 – 6 lpm collection in a set of Borosilicate glass impingers.
  • Gaseous Sampling: 0.2 – 6 lpm collection in a set of Borosilicate glass impingers.
  • Rotameter: Acrylic body rotameter with 2% FSD accuracy, 0 – 60 lpm for Particulate and 0-6 lpm for gases.
  • Sampling Probe: Made from SS 304 tube, 1m length
  • Filter Holder: Fabricated from SS 304 tube suitable to hold either cellulose filteration thimble (size 28mm lD X 100mm long) or glass micro fibre thimble (size 19mm lD X 90mm long).
  • Nozzles: A set of 4 stainless steel nozzles.
  • Digital Clock: 0 -60 minutes, 1 second readout with start and stop switches.
  • Impingers: 4 No. of 250 ml capacity and 4 No. of 120ml capacity borosilicate glass impingers supplied with cold box with a provision to keep ice.
  • Vacuum Pump: Monoblock Rotary Vane type, oil lubricated, 0.5HP single phase motor (230V) with more than 60lpm free flow capacity
  • Programmable Sampling: Programmbale Timer for Vacuum Pump to start and stop at fixed time interval.
  • Dry gas Meter: Dry Gas Meter with Resolution of 1L
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