PM 10 Samplers


APM 460 DXNL is India’s first PM 10 sampler that conforms to BIS standards. This advanced sampler comes with an Automatic Flow Controller and an Auto Shut Off feature.

APM 460 NL

APM 460 NL is a noiseless PM 10 sampler that uses a state of the art imported blower with significantly less noise as compared to other products in the market. APM 460 NL is also based on CSIR NEERI technology


APM 460 BL is India’s largest selling PM 10 sampler with thousands of instruments in use in India over the last 15+ years. This brushless sampler based on CSIR NEERI technology is a robust instrument, designed specifically for harsh Indian conditions

APM 577

Particulate matter has been treated as a critical pollutant ever since concern for air pollution was felt by society. Initially a distinction was made between settle-able dust, measured by dust-fall, and somewhat finer particles that would remain suspended in air for long periods leading to the development of samplers for Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM).

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