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Thursday, 04 April 2013 03:01

Methane + Non Methane (Total HC) analyzer

Alpha 115, designed and manufactured by Synspec Netherlands, is built for the analysis of methane and the sum of all other hydrocarbons in air (TNMHC). This state of the art new analyzer is ideally suited to have a general overview of all hydrocarbons from C2 to C10.

The analyzer is a real gas chromatograph. It contains a compact oven with a column that separates methane from total non-methane hydrocarbons . The detector is an FID. The gas sample passes through a COLUMN WITH A SPECAIL LAYERED PACKING. The methane (CH4) passes through and is first injected into the detector. A second after this, the column is BACKFLUSHED and all other hydrocarbons pass to the detector. This results in two peaks generated by the FID: a methane and a TNMHC-peak.

The system is very easy to use: it has an automatic start-up for the whole system and this means that setting to work is very simple. The FID detector starts very easily, provided the gases used are of good quality.

The measurement is using a TRUE GAS CHROMATOGRAPHIC SEPARATION to avoid problems with catalytic functioning as often occurs with systems without the GC column.


  • CE approval for EMC conformity: EN 61010-1, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 60111- 6-3
  • Detector: FID Levels: 0.1 ppm for methane, 100 ppb for TNMHC FID detector, Cycle time 3 minutes
  • Range: 0.1 – 10 ppm for Methane, selectable to 100 ppm
    0.05 – 20 ppm for TNMHC
  • Repeatability: <1% of FS
  • Drift: <0.3% IN 7 DAYS
  • Linearity: <1% of FS
  • GC specification: Column cage with special application column
    10 port valve Synspec; 2 ml loop; detector FID
  • Dimensions: 19” rack, 3 standard Height Units, depth 37.2 cm net, weight 12 Kgs
  • Calibration: Internal calibration switch for calibration zero and span gas Gas stream required 25 ml at ambient pressure
  • Consumption of gas: FID : Zero air, dry and clean, 2.5 bar, 250 ml/min
    Hydrogen: quality 5.0, 3.5 bar 20 ml/min
  • Power demand: 220 V AC, 200 VA (110 V AC available)
  • Included hardware: Computer Pentium class, harddisk >40Gb, 6” full colour LCD
  • Approvals: CE approval for EMC conformity: EN 61010-1, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 60111- 6-3
  • Included software: Windows Xpe Embedded, GC Software
  • Communication: Direct control via external screen, keyboard and Mouse
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