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APM 801

Factory Act 1948 as amended in 86-87 clearly lays down a requirement of regular scientific monitoring of workers’ exposure for air borne dust and other pollutants. Workers’ exposure measured in terms of Total Suspended Particulate Matter does not indicate its criticality in terms of health effects. Only the Respirable fraction of total dust is known to have direct relation to health hazards. Therefore, measurement of worker exposure for respirable dust is considered one of the main criteria to establish associated health risk.

To full-fill need of monitoring exposure of the total air borne dust as well as the respirable fraction of dust, Envirotech has developed a light-weight, battery – operated Personal Sampler equipped with a cyclonic system. The sampler can be mounted on the body of the worker. The sampler has a compact aluminium cabinet with a clip so that the system can be belt worn.

The cyclone designed for cut off at 5 microns as recommended by DGMS for measurement of worker exposure to respirable dust. The air leaving the cyclone, having particles of the size 5 microns or less passes through glass micro-fiber filter of 37mm dia. housed in Teflon filter holder fitted at the top of cyclone where respirable dust get accumulated and can be quantified gravimetrically. The collected dust can further be analyzed for specific constituents viz. lead, other heavy metals, silica, etc. The APM 801 can sample air at flow rates from 0.5 to 3.0 LPM.

For optimum efficiency of the cyclonic system, the flow rate needs to be maintained between 1.6 and 1.9 lpm.

In APM 801 rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries are provided with sufficient storage to operate the system for full shift of 8hrs making it compatible for TLV measurements.

A separate battery-charger is provided with the system to recharge the batteries overnight.

  • Flow Rate: 0.5 – 3.0 LPM.
  • Size & Weight: 155 x 82 x 60 mm; 1.3 kg. (with cyclone)
  • Filter: 37 mm dia. Filter Discs (Whatman GF/A grade)
  • Batteries: Ni – Cd. rechargeable
  • Operation Time: 8 hrs. on fully charged batteries
  • Recharge Time: 12 – 14 hours after discharge
  • Cyclone: Brass with teflon filter holder; cutoff at 5 micron
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APM 801

Compact, light weight, battery operated personal sampler with an in-built cyclone system to monitor both total air borne dust as well as the respirable fraction of dust. This is the most ideal instrument to monitor the health risk of workers due to dust exposure in the shop floor.

APM 800

Compact, light weight, battery operated personal sampler that can be worn on the belt by workers to give accurate total airborne dust exposure levels at the shop floor.  

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